How do we upgrade your windows?

Glazing upgrades by specialists in period design.

When making new sashes we do so in Accoya and where possible we restore the existing box to minimise disruption. We glaze timber sashes with a minimum sealed unit thickness of 20mm and usually able to use a 24mm unit with a 16mm cavity.

Upgrade your windows with us

We can alter existing timber frames to be compatible with double glazing. Our products also use internal beading. Internal beading gives the following benefits:

  • Added security
  • Easier to service
  • Integral external molding for no shadow gaps
  • Mimics traditional profile of original windows

Window upgrades we offer

For all your classic sash window upgrades, give us a call or visit us to see some examples of what we can offer you.

  • Sash window glazing upgrades
  • Timber frame window upgrades
  • Victorian window upgrades
  • Edwardian window upgrades
  • Replacement period windows
  • Quality double glazing
Some recent work we have done:
26 Empress Avenue, E12; 30 Park Road, E12; 78b Grosvenor Park Road, E17; 48 Englefield Road, N1; 166 Albert Road, E10; 23 Fletcher Lane, E10; 107 Woodlands Avenue, E17; 14 Cleveland Park Avenue , E17; 17 Eagle Court, Hermon Hill, E11; 212 Albert Road, E10; 30 Hartley Road, E11; 37 Kenton Road, E9; 7 Merlin Road, E12; 154 Belgrave Road, E11; 36 Campbell Road, E17; 56 Walpole Road, E18; 58 Chester Road, E11; 7 Sylvan Road, E11; 5 Gordon Road, E11; 30 Felstead Road, E11; 12 Narford Road, E5 8RD; 212 Albert Road, E10 6PD; 33 Norcott Road, N16; 39 Wanstead Place, E11; 27 Spratt Hall Road, E11; 55 Addison Road, E11; 104 Belgrave Road, E11; 27 Leyspring Road, E11; 118 Mildenhall Road, E5; 14 Narford Road, E5; 18 Grove Park, E11: 58 Horn Lane, IG8; 27 Buckingham Road, E11; 57 Addison Road, E11; 77 Cowslip Road, E18; 18 Richmond Way, E11; 9 Gordon Road, E11; 14a Wellesley Road, E11; 23 Sherwood Avenue, E18; 647 Chigwell Road, IG8; 29 Draycot Road, E11; 6 Eagle Court, Hermon Hill, E11; 57 Latimer Road, E7; 19 Chester Road, E11; 22 Buckingham Road, E11; 64 Bushwood, E11; 2 Cambridge Road, CM21; 37 Empress Avenue, IG8; 11 Mayfield Avenue, IG8; 7 Lansdowne Road, E18; 49 Redbridge Lane West, E11; 272 Cranbrook Road, IG1; 4 The Drive, E18; 1 Woodlands Avenue, E11; 5 Rectory Road, E17; 18 Latchett Road, E18; 42 Spratt Hall Road, E11; 43 Spratt Hall Road, E11; 1 Claybury Hall, IG8; 15 Seagry Road, E11; 27 Leybourne Road, E11; 48 Halstead Road, E11; 22 Grove Park, E11; 73 Halstead Road, E11; 41 Grove Park, E11; 8 Warwick Road, E11; 29 Kendal Avenue, CM16; 51 Dover Road, E12; 61 Dangan Road, E11; 34 Peel Road, E18; 36 Spratt Hall Road, E11; 9 Seagry Road, E11; 7 Warwick Road, E11; 40 Grosvenor Road, E11; 14 Hereford Road, E11; 39 Leicester Road, E11; 2 Connaught Avenue, IG10; 34 Redbridge Lane West, E11; 9 The Avenue, E11; 7 Darnley Road, E7; 18 Monkhams Avenue, IG8; 3 Merlin Road, E12; 29 Monkhams Avenue, IG8; 20 Chester Road, E11; 153 Colchester Road, E10; 31 Grosvenor Road, E11; 28 Oak Hill Gardens, IG8; 5 Redbridge Lane West, E11; 30 Dover Road, E12; 1 Alexandra Road, E18; 36 Eastwood Road, E18; 309 High Road, IG8; 90 Carnarvon Road, E18; 107 Barclay Road, E17; 20 Oak Hall Road, E11; 8 Drummond Road, E11; 79 Walpole Road, E18; 20 Eastwood Road, E18; 17 Hillcrest, E18; 7 Warren Road, E11; 45 Leicester Road, E11; 31 Raymond Avenue, E18; 18b Wellesley Road, E11; 34 Cleveland Road, E18; 42 Spratt Hall Road, E11; 649 Chigwell Road, IG8; 14 Bushwood, E11; 28 Dangan Road, E11; 9 Howard Road, E17; 21 Seagry Road, E11; 62 Peel Rd, E18; 16 Chertsey Road, E11; 11 Warwick Road, E11; 105 Ham Park Road, E15; 24 Waverley Road, E17; 29 Queensdale Road, W11; 43 Eagle Court, E11; 44 Plough Lane, CR8 3QE; 73 Halstead Rd, E11; 36 Eagle Court, E11; 119 Woodlands Avenue, E11; 28 Warwick Road, E11; 48 Cowley Road, E11; 12 Wellesley Road, E11; 15 Upper Walthamstow, E17; 68 Halstead Road, E11, 19 Addison Rd, E11; 35 Eagle Court, E11; 91 Wellington Road, E11; 42 Cleveland Road, E18; 58 Cleveland Road, E18; 5 Sydney Road, E11; 21 Chapel Road, CM16 5DS; 41 Castleton Rd, E17; 79 Elmcroft Avenue, E11; 23 Seagry Road, E11; 67 Gordon Road, E11; 137 Windsor Road, E7; 23 Harpenden Road, E12; 43 Leicester Road, E11; 17 Parkstone Avenue, RM11 3L8; The Corner House, 2 Grove Park, E11.
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